My Travel Bucket List

Wow – where to even start? i could honestly list over 3/4 of the world, including the obvious ones: the new and old seven wonders of the world – because who doesn’t want to see those? For now i’ll stick to a top ten, which when trying to whittle it down has been much trickerContinue reading “My Travel Bucket List”

5 ways to combat the Travel Blues

We’ve all been there – landing in the freezing cold after however many weeks/months of heat, adventure and freedom. Returning to a lifestyle that makes us miserable and counting down the minutes until we can fly off again. I hear you. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that unfortunately, life and responsibilitiesContinue reading “5 ways to combat the Travel Blues”

Has COVID-19 changed the way we travel indefinitely?

With the first doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine being administered here in the UK this morning, does this mean we can finally get excited about travel again? Unfortunately there is a long way to go. To be considered ‘immune’ takes two doses of the vaccine administered three weeks apart. Only 800,000 doses have arrivedContinue reading “Has COVID-19 changed the way we travel indefinitely?”

Hotel Vs. Airbnb – Which is Better?

Now that the likes of Airbnb and other alternative accommodation are increasing tenfold, travellers have more choice than ever! But how do we decide where to stay? Airbnb is fast overtaking conventional hotels in the booking stakes. While we assume this is down to pricing, there are actually a number of reasons making this so.Continue reading “Hotel Vs. Airbnb – Which is Better?”