UK Vs. Abroad Festivals

Ah festivals…There is something so special about walking into those fields filled with people, sun and music. The same applies whether this is in the UK or abroad – but if you have been to festivals in both the UK and abroad you’ll know the ‘vibe’ is completely different! If i had to pick betweenContinue reading “UK Vs. Abroad Festivals”

72 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic

Much like its neighbours Krak√≥w & Budapest, Prague is known for its medieval old town squares, gothic cathedrals and cobbled streets – a perfect paradise for a wandering traveller. Your experience in Prague can be expensive or budget and that all depends on where you choose to spend your Korunas. We spent 72 hours inContinue reading “72 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic”

Venice – An Italian Dream

Venice is often known as the European city of love, and it doesn’t take long to see why… It had been the top of my bucket list for as long as i could remember and when we finally flew to ‘the floating city’ of Venice in November 2019, it was unlike any other European cityContinue reading “Venice – An Italian Dream”

Does Budapest really live up to expectations?

In short – YES! We visited Budapest just before UK tourism here absolutely exploded, and exploded it has! Budapest was appearing on peoples radars for its quirkiness, cheap beer and diverse history, it was time to pay a visit. The first thing you notice about Budapest are the amount of bridges there are in theContinue reading “Does Budapest really live up to expectations?”

48 Hours in Lisbon, Portugal

When we visited Lisbon last year we didn’t know what to expect from the City. Wether you have 48hrs, a week or more, Lisbon promises a vibrant, colourful history-rich experience. But was this enough to capture our hearts? Day One We started day one with breakfast at Basilio. Just a short walk from the PracaContinue reading “48 Hours in Lisbon, Portugal”

Is Milan one of Europe’s most overrated Cities?

In my opinion.. Yes. Milan is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe with almost 11 million visitors last year. It is the fashion capital of the world, known for its housing of luxury designer brands. The prestigious Milanese reputation for business doesn’t stop at fashion and many financial industry headquarters are inContinue reading “Is Milan one of Europe’s most overrated Cities?”