UK Vs. Abroad Festivals

Ah festivals…There is something so special about walking into those fields filled with people, sun and music. The same applies whether this is in the UK or abroad – but if you have been to festivals in both the UK and abroad you’ll know the ‘vibe’ is completely different! If i had to pick betweenContinue reading “UK Vs. Abroad Festivals”

Booking Hacks for Cheap Flights

There are so many myths and hacks around booking cheap flights and unfortunately there is no one size fits all. Some days you can use all the tricks in the book and the prices of flights are still pretty high and some days you can find an absolute bargain price – truth be told itContinue reading “Booking Hacks for Cheap Flights”

My Travel Bucket List

Wow – where to even start? i could honestly list over 3/4 of the world, including the obvious ones: the new and old seven wonders of the world – because who doesn’t want to see those? For now i’ll stick to a top ten, which when trying to whittle it down has been much trickerContinue reading “My Travel Bucket List”

5 ways to combat the Travel Blues

We’ve all been there – landing in the freezing cold after however many weeks/months of heat, adventure and freedom. Returning to a lifestyle that makes us miserable and counting down the minutes until we can fly off again. I hear you. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that unfortunately, life and responsibilitiesContinue reading “5 ways to combat the Travel Blues”

New York City: My Top Tip

New York City: The city that never sleeps, and indeed it doesn’t! A bustling hub of skylines, opulence and yellow cabs. Having visited New York in both winter and summer, i definitely appreciated it more in the summer! There is so much to see and do in the city that planning is key. What iContinue reading “New York City: My Top Tip”

72 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic

Much like its neighbours Krak√≥w & Budapest, Prague is known for its medieval old town squares, gothic cathedrals and cobbled streets – a perfect paradise for a wandering traveller. Your experience in Prague can be expensive or budget and that all depends on where you choose to spend your Korunas. We spent 72 hours inContinue reading “72 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic”

Venice – An Italian Dream

Venice is often known as the European city of love, and it doesn’t take long to see why… It had been the top of my bucket list for as long as i could remember and when we finally flew to ‘the floating city’ of Venice in November 2019, it was unlike any other European cityContinue reading “Venice – An Italian Dream”

Happy 2021!

Well, Happy New Year! I’m a little late i know, given its the 15th January BUT! its finally 2021 and hopefully this year will bring some long awaited travel for us all. Since before Christmas i feel everyone has just been in a COVID-19 related lull (me included), feeling so trapped and low – theContinue reading “Happy 2021!”

Travel Essentials: How to pack for a City Break

When it comes to City breaks, more often than not half the contents of our suitcase barely see the light of day. So why do we pack so much? Chances are its habit, or the panic of not having enough whilst away. Over the years of travelling i’ve definitely learnt to be way more preciseContinue reading “Travel Essentials: How to pack for a City Break”