Firstly, Hi! – Welcome to travelsofanurse..

I’m Tasha, an Emergency Department Nurse working for the NHS!

Working for the NHS is great, and i love working in A&E. For me its the fast paced, unpredictability of every shift that makes every day different – perhaps this is why i love travel so much! Its also super fun to meet such a diverse range of people at work, both staff and patients alike whose experiences of life, culture and travel are all so different and exciting to learn about!

While i really enjoy working as a nurse, my first love is travel and i am desperate to explore as much of the world as possible. If i really could – i would save up enough money to be able to quit my job and travel forever – wishful thinking hey! I am super lucky to have a boyfriend who loves travel as much as me. He’s the perfect travel partner and often finds us destinations i’d never even thought of.

For me travelling is the best way to spend money and we try and use most of our free money on travel – we’ve picked up a few thrifty tips along the way.

I decided to create this blog as a way of looking back on some of my favourite destinations, offering a few little hints and tips of the countries and cities visited.

For any contact please see contact page!

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