My Travel Bucket List

Wow – where to even start? i could honestly list over 3/4 of the world, including the obvious ones: the new and old seven wonders of the world – because who doesn’t want to see those?

For now i’ll stick to a top ten, which when trying to whittle it down has been much tricker than i thought!

1. Los Angeles

Probably the most basic of all my top ten, but when i say i’m desperate to go, i mean i am DESPERATE. I don’t know what it is about it, but i just have to go. I’ve heard mixed reviews that its too touristy, dirty and tacky but i want to experience it for myself. The hikes, Venice beach, Malibu, Beverley Hills!! I would love to try and time this so that we could go to Coachella at the same time. This will be my number one until I’ve been which hopefully will be in the next year or two!

2. Alcatraz Island & Federal Penitentiary

Sticking with the American theme, this has been on my list for as long as LA! I am a massive geek and love anything rich in history. The island and prison fascinates me as there is just so much mystery surrounding it. How insane to be in Al Capone & Machine Gun Kelly’s cells! If i could, i would do LA, San Fransisco and a few others in one long trip as for us in the UK, flights to the USA are both long and expensive. So it’s definitely worth packing in as many states in as possible.

3. Chernobyl

Who wouldn’t want to visit Chernobyl? Saying that, i would be very nervous when i was there – even though there is plenty of safe zones. The radiation dose you will be exposed to is actually 160 times less than the dose of a chest x-ray, and 3600 times less than a full body CT Scan. I can’t believe that – i literally had a chest x ray last month! The itinerary of the guided tours just sounds incredible and when researching it – its not that expensive.

4. Bora Bora, French Poloynesia

Everyone raves about the Maldives and is desperate to go, but personally i would prefer to go to Bora Bora. Its round about the same price as the Maldives so probably be waiting a fair while for this one! Me and my boyfriend have actually only ever done one beachy, all inclusive trip so it would be a nice change. Though we don’t have the best of luck – our Mexico trip got cancelled 3 times! May be best to stick to exploring holidays…

5. Norwegian Fjords

When i say the Fjords, Norway actually has 1900 of them sooo there is absolute no way we will see them all! In particular i’d love to see Geirangerford, Nærøyfjord, Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. To see them all i feel like a cruise would be the best option, but then there is always the risk of getting bad weather the whole week you’re onboard. There’s also the slight problem that i’m not incredibly fussed about doing another cruise so we’ll have to see about this one!

6. Rio De Janeiro

I would love to visit the whole of Brazil of course, but why Rio in particular? Carnival! The parades look amazing and all the parties and events which happen over the whole city just seem so fun. I have wanted to go to Carnival for years but there’s never been a time i’ve properly thought of going. It’s a long flight over to Brazil, and i’d incorporate it into a huge South America trip if i was to go.

7. Colombia

Like above, i’d have to incorporate this into a huge South America trip but this would be one of the countries i would be most excited to visit. I love everything about the culture and the history of Colombia (including Pablo Escobar of course!). There’s so many cities i’d want to see in Colombia like Cartagena, Bogota and Medellín, so i’ll definitely be incorporating those into the trip.

8. Kandy To Ella – Sri Lanka

The Kandy to Ella Famous blue train! The views on this 6hr Journey just look incredible. Travelling over the 9 arch bridge or watching the train rattle over it are said to be give some of the most epic views in the world. Aside from this train journey, there is tons i’d like to see and do in Sri Lanka, including Colombo, climbing the Sigiriya rock and visiting the tea plantations.

9. South African Safari

I’m not sure where is best in SA for seeing the big 5, but i will see them one day! You can of course see them in sanctuary’s etc but its just not the same as seeing them run free in the wild. This one will take a fair amount of research and its probably something i would think about doing when the rest of the list is done!

10. Japan

Japan is the complete opposite to the UK and it just fascinates me. Tokyo has so much to offer and i’d love to experience Shibuya Crossing. Kyoto is also one on my list – especially for the bamboo forests. I’m also keen to ride the Shinkansen bullet train and see some proper cherry blossom. I’d love to try Japanese cuisine as well. I’m not keen on raw fish Sushi but i absolutely love things like Yakitori and Udon. Where better to eat it than Japan!

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