5 ways to combat the Travel Blues

We’ve all been there – landing in the freezing cold after however many weeks/months of heat, adventure and freedom. Returning to a lifestyle that makes us miserable and counting down the minutes until we can fly off again. I hear you.

An early morning flight from Lisbon back to the UK.

It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that unfortunately, life and responsibilities get in the way of doing what truly makes us the happiest. While you will never completely stop the travel blues, there are ways to deal with them – something i’ve learnt and (tried to) perfect over the years! So here they are: my top 5 tips to combat the travel blues!

1. Be Grateful

Probably the most important tip of all. Be grateful. For some, the trip you have just taken will be inaccessible for whatever reasons. Your ‘small city break’ could be somebody’s dream trip. These days we move from one thing to the other, not stopping to think how lucky we are too experience the adventures that we do. The old saying comes to mind ‘you don’t know what you have till it’s gone’. Imagine if you were never able to travel again – would it make you more grateful for what you had already experienced?

2. Plan your next trip

I always think; ‘you have to come home to go again’ and it really is true. As soon as you’ve got over that initial funk of being home, you can begin to plan your next trip. You will be able to learn from your last trip what you enjoyed and what you could miss out on the next one, what type of trip you crave next, do you fancy a city break, beach holiday or something else? For me the planning is the most exciting pre-trip part, really researching and finding out the best places to go and eat – it’s all part of excitement build up.

While you plan and countdown to your next trip, its also the perfect time to work hard to be able to do the things you enjoy. Yes no-one likes coming home to work, but doing those extra shifts means more money to spend on your trips! For me, having something booked and counting down to it carries me through whatever mundane tasks i have to do.

3. Keep Busy

While you should allow yourself a bit of time to be glum, it won’t help you in the long run! Thats why it’s important to keep yourself busy. Full days keep your mind occupied and you are less likely to find your mind wandering. We all do the ‘ooh this time last week’ – there is no way of stopping that, its human nature! But in the end it becomes depressing and makes you seriously unproductive. Try and set yourself new tasks and goals for when you return home. This could be fitness related, learning to cook a dish from your trip, a training course for work – literally anything! Having a focus no matter how small, will keep you busy and before you know it, it’ll be time to travel again.

4. Save & Organise your Memories

If you’re anything like me, you take absolutely tons of pictures and videos while you’re travelling. For me organising these properly, allows me to have memories to look at whenever i feel like it. A perfect one to use for ease and accessibility is Instagram highlights. I wish i had used these much sooner than i had, but if ever i want to look back on a trip quickly i know all my best bits will be there. You can even create photo albums and books or print and frame specific pictures – all really obvious, but you would be surprised how many people take pictures and never look at them because they get so down with FOMO when they do! Attacking it head on is the best way to get out of your funk.

5. Enjoy Home

While i know a lot of people travel to escape home, the chances are we will all have to return home at some point. Try and think of the best bits about home – your family, friends, pets, favourite bars/restaurants, favourite walks and days out. There will be always be something which makes returning home that little bit easier – you just have to find it!

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