72 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic

Much like its neighbours Kraków & Budapest, Prague is known for its medieval old town squares, gothic cathedrals and cobbled streets – a perfect paradise for a wandering traveller. Your experience in Prague can be expensive or budget and that all depends on where you choose to spend your Korunas.

We spent 72 hours in Prague and found this just the right amount of time. Prague in my opinion is very much a walking and seeing city. Aside from the Castle, many of Pragues main tourists attractions are things you cannot enter – so in this sense you can do Prague on a tight budget.

Top Attractions

One of the main attractions in Prague is the Charles Bridge. The Charles Bridge was built in 1357 and was the only way to cross the Vltava river until 1841. We visited in April and sometimes it felt as though the whole of Prague was on the bridge at once. It is a constant buzz of tourists so to get unobstructed views and pics – you should be prepared to wait awhile. At the end of the bridge sits the Old Town Bridge Tower – another wonderful piece of untouched gothic architecture.

A straight forward ten minute walk finds you in the Old Town Square. The square is strikingly similar to many other Eastern European cities – cobbled streets, outdoor markets and baroque style churches. What you won’t find elsewhere is the Astronomical Clock. It is the 3rd oldest astronomical clock and the only one in the world still working. Every strike on the hour, the 12 apostles of Christ emerge from the clock. While it was nice to witness the clocks performance, numerous travel sites had exaggerated its greatness so much. Our expectations were high and we actually left a little bemused!

One of the main attractions you don’t expect to see in Prague is the John Lennon Wall. It has been named this since the 1980s and is not only as a memorial to John Lennon, but also a monument to free speech, and the rebellion of Czech youth who were against the communist regime at the time.

Recently the Czech authorities have curbed the amount of freedom visitors have on adding their own graffiti to the wall due to a number of offensive and unrelated markings. They’ve eluded that it will be strictly monitored from here on out. The wall was bustling with tourists and buskers with guitars when we arrived so it did take some time for an unobstructed photo. Though it is considered a ‘must see’ in Prague it is a little random i must admit! (I didn’t add the graffiti below but appreciated whoever did!!)

If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll know we are suckers for a castle! Some of our best viewpoints of cities have been in fortresses/castles. Prague Castle was another goodie. The castle is actually a UNESCO world heritage site due to the amount of palatial and ecclesiastical buildings (buildings relating to the Christian church) it has there.

The castle works on a ‘Pay what you want to see’ Basis so when you buy your tickets you say which buildings you want to go in and the price of the ticket follows accordingly. Golden Lane is free to enter as its a street you walk through when on your way out of the castle. This is where the civil servants lived and even Franz Kafka in 1916! We paid to see the St Vitus Cathedral, St Georges Basilica and the Old Royal Palace.

As it was spring time and quite warm we decided to hire out a pedalo and head down the Vltava River. Theres actually an island right in the middle of the river called Kampa and you can park your pedalo here and grab a drink or just people watch – it was lovely! You also get a great view of the Dancing House. From the main centre of Prague, The Dancing House is about a 25 minute walk and we just couldn’t be bothered, so this was a perfect way to see it without the walk!

One of my favourite things to see in Prague was the Memorial to the victims of Communism. The statues depicts the way the communist regime destroyed people and the city. As the statues get further up the stairs, less and less of the person is left. It is located at the bottom of Petrín Hill. There is some gorgeous cherry blossom trees here and a GREAT ice-cream shop which we stopped at called Angelato!

If you decide to visit Wenceslas Square, Just off to a side street is the Man Hanging out Statue. You have to look up or you’ll miss it! Its a statue of Sigmund Freud and tells of his inner turmoil. A great little piece to find! A minutes walk from here you’ll find the Halveské tržište market. This is full of fruits, vegetables, art and souvenirs – nice for a little walk round whilst you’re in the area.

Food & Drink

Like most European Cities there was soo many options for good food and drink. Our particular favourite restaurants were Sad Mans Tongue – this is a bar and grill type vibe and there was actually a live band playing while we were here, we loved it! We always seem to drift towards mexican and Los Adelitas did not disappoint! There was so many flavoured margaritas and they were enormous and cheap! Another nice place we found was BarFuD. Another super cheap find and full of travellers and ex-pats alike!

Our Favourite bar on this trip was Hany Bany. (Hunny Bunny in English!) I think we went every day – sometimes more than once! It is SO cheap, 1L of beer was around €1! It was always heaving with people and most of the time difficult to get a table for a while, but so worth the wait! The inside is full of different decor and its just chaotic, but the staff and beer are so traditional you cannot miss it. Another bar we liked was Anonymous, and anonymous it is because its so hard to find!! This is the point though as its meant to be a secret. When you enter, its dimly lit and mysterious and all the staff are wearing masks (think the money heist on netflix). The cocktails are a little pricey but are very very cool. A last stop for us was Bugsys. Underground with a 1920’s theme – again a little more expensive but worth it if thats what you’re looking for!

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