Happy 2021!

Well, Happy New Year! I’m a little late i know, given its the 15th January BUT! its finally 2021 and hopefully this year will bring some long awaited travel for us all.

Since before Christmas i feel everyone has just been in a COVID-19 related lull (me included), feeling so trapped and low – the cold English winters definitely do not help!

Within the next week i will be receiving my first dose of the COVID vaccine – alongside most of my colleagues, many who have had it this week and last! In one of my older posts, i discussed the possibility of using the vaccines as ‘travel passports’ and since then, it seems the UK government are once again considering it!

Unfortunately as predicted, we are having to re-arrange our South East Asia trip for March/April (I’m still a little sour about it) But hopefully we will get there towards the back end of the year.

While we are still in national lockdown, (i think this is the 3rd one now?!) i will be planning lots of possible trips for this year and hopefully generating plenty of content for my little old blog!

In the meantime, i’ll reminisce on when travel wasn’t illegal!!

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