Where I’ll Be Travelling To In 2021

Is that a bit optimistic?!

I’m sure by now everyones travel list has pretty much doubled – after all, we have lost almost a full year of free travel time. Wow! almost a year. This is the longest time me and my boyfriend have spent in the UK in over 4 years!

in 2019 we were lucky enough to be in a different country for 9 out of the 12 months – a plan we pretty much wanted for 2020 too. In the entirety of 2020 we have visited Belfast and Macedonia, while not at all what we were hoping for, i’m super grateful we even got to those countries as i know so many haven’t been able to go anywhere. We both work full time jobs so grabbing the time to travel has to be well planned out.

My travel list is ever growing and there is just no way some of my bucket list places can be done all in one year. I’m hopeful we will get to at least half of these places next year..i have everything crossed!

Thailand & Vietnam

God, it makes me nervous to even write that down. This is the only trip we have properly booked at the moment because I bought this for my boyfriend’s birthday in April 2020. That gave us 11 months till March 2021 – our departure date. At that point, March 2021 seemed a lifetime away and now its just 3 months away! Thailand and Vietnam have probably some of the strictest rules regarding COVID and international travel. We still have no idea if we will be allowed in by March as the UK isn’t on their ‘safe list’ of countries allowed to apply for the new entry visa.

We have so much planned for Thailand & Vietnam and if we don’t get there in March, it may be a case of moving it to the back end of 2021 when hopefully everything has calmed down a little. Our plan is to visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket in Thailand, before moving on to Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Ha Long Bay and Hanoi.

If anyone has any recommendations for anything in these areas, please leave them in the comments. While we do have stuff planned its always nice to hear about things we’ve not even thought of!

Bratislava – Slovakia

I’m not sure whats enticing me so much about Bratislava but its definitely on my list for next year. Like Macedonia i have read that Bratislava isn’t over touristy – a big draw for us. We love just being able to take a few days to explore a city, so i think this one will be perfect for us as most of the city can be done in 3 days.

Seville – Spain

Its actually very rare these days that me and my boyfriend don’t travel together, but this trip is different! Me and my best friend had this booked for June of this year but of course, COVID happened and we had to cancel. Spain i think is one of the nicest Mediterranean countries to explore as there is just so much variety. Spanish cuisine is probably my favourite and i could actually eat tapas every day of my life (with plenty of sangria of course!) As we still have Airbnb credit from cancelling, i’m hoping we can get there next summer as the city looks lovely with plenty to do and see – perfect for a girly break.

Tallinn – Estonia

I would say this is one of my must see destinations for next year. I’m thinking towards the back end of the year when (hopefully) Christmas markets will be on. While it would be so nice to see Tallinn in the summer, we’ve never done a proper winter break – we are definitely sun worshippers and whenever we go away in November we always seem to be super lucky with the weather! I think it would make a nice change to be wrapped up in coats and hats, though i have read May to August is the best time to visit.

Bucharest – Romania

Bucharest is one of those ‘under the radar’ cities and there is so many mixed reviews on wether or not to pay it a visit. While many have said it’s grey and dull with little to do, others have said the complete opposite. Experiencing another country is never a bad idea so i’ll have to find out for myself what its really like.

Riviera Maya – Mexico

We had this trip booked and changed not once, but three times before COVID eventually wiped it out all together! We booked this as a celebration trip for me qualifying as a nurse and it’s just never happened. I think we could all use two weeks all inclusive right about now, so will we get there next year? Who knows.

What are your plans for when we can finally travel freely?

4 thoughts on “Where I’ll Be Travelling To In 2021

  1. Nice list and I’m sure that you will love all those destinations. I can especially recommend Bratislava and Tallinn, which might at first seem to be the smaller and more boring on the list. We lived in Bratislava for a year and a half before moving back to Sweden and might be a bit biased. But there are so much history and sights to see. Many only require a day to see the Old Town and then they are satisfied, but they will really never understand the city. Tallinn is just one of a kind, at least I haven’t seen any other city like it, closest might be Visby. It is another city we usually return to, as it is within easy reach from Stockholm. 🙂


  2. No Australia on this list? Shocking. Bucharest is a great place though if you get your chance, its a peek back into what was during the soviet era in many ways. Plus the beer is good.


    1. You!! i don’t think Australia will be letting anyone in for some time (except escaping Drs ofc) I’m very curious about Bucharest sp will deffo keep it on the list. Hope home is treating you well!


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